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Mis Rhagfyr ~ December 2016

With the onset of winter and we're certainly feeling it, I think I'm safe to say that knits are the order of the day, and we've lots of lovely jumpers and cardigans in differing weights, wool content, patterned or plain for you to choose from. Just add a pair of our cwtchy cute slippers from Ruby Brown.





Art shoes

Winter beverage suggestions by Cleo:-

Port with a slice of lemon. It's funny but I am so not a wine drinker but I admit I can drink port till the cows come home. Port is very warming, where I find wine is cooling. Something passed on to me by my mother.

Baileys and Cointreau (in equal parts) = Fluffy Dog. Cocktail nights, Students Union, Liverpool Uni, early 1990s. In contrast to its name and the setting in which we were introduced this is actually quite a classy drink I always think. An ideal cocktail for Christmas.

'Glayva' whisky liqueur. In days gone by this was my chosen 'one for the road'. #Maisie The Red #Lock in #Martin Radley (Queens Bakery).

Brandy. Only when needed. Is sure to hit the spot. Plus it's medicinal……

Hot chocolate. Needs to be as thick as mud and you need a spoon to help you drink it. I was on my way to Cortina in the Dolomites, Italy when we stopped at this small roadside café bar just before entering the mountains, and had the most unforgettable, to die for hot choc. I was also given grappa to drink on this holiday (supposedly a digestif) but we'll leave that there I think! Must mention the pink mountains with its gorgeous scenic skiing; the beetroot ravioli and speck ham; my cool ski buddies (Ali, Diego and Adam); and it being the best of times.

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