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Mis Tachwedd ~ November 2016
Yma oddi ar ~ Here since 1971

Something to celebrate

Cleo is having a birthday next week. On Friday she will turn fortyfive, and on the day we shall have a small treat for you to take away and enjoy, so please pop in.

Gwnewch yn siwr o alw Dydd Gwener nesaf, i rhannu yn ein dathliad bach ar cyrraedd y 45ain.

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Of course we've just had Halloween where black is the colour of choice, followed by white and then red (blood)! I know not to mention black too often, people tend to switch off a bit but hey….. once in awhile won't hurt or will it!

Did you know that scientifically black is not a colour. Black is the absence of light. A black object absorbs all the colours of the visible spectrum and reflects none.

Black is rarely out of fashion and for many it's a default setting, when you don't know or can't choose what to wear. Black is smart and sexy and Coco Chanel knew as much, and we tend to associate black with power, elegance, formality, death, evil and mystery.

When we think of the Femme Fatale of fiction and film, we think of the slinky black dress and the vermillion red lipsick. She of course is an archetype and long associated with the Black Widow spider. She weaves a web, catches her prey, if he's a male they mate, she then bites him, before being spun in silk and sucked to death. Oh happy thought!!

Black Widow Spider

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