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Mis Ebrill ~ April 2017

Spot versus stripe.

Plus say 'HOLA' to new shoes

Spring always brings a healthy dose of stripe to the shop, but this season I'm also seeing a fair few spots dotted around the various collections. When I say spots I mean anything from dots, discs, rings, circles and hoops; and like stripe, some are a bit squiggly and others a bit blurred. There are some squares and checks too….. but I think we'll leave that for another day, but for now knock yourself out with our spot and stripe selection!

And how about new shoes….. After successfully launching Camper and ART footwear in the autumn we now have some great designs from these two Spanish brands for spring summer.

Alembika logoEtnika logo
Backstage outfit

Camper logo
Navy sandal

Tuzzi logo Gardeur logo
Tuzzi + Gardeur outfit

Backstage logoEcho logo
Backstage + Echo outfit

Masai logoStrata logo
Masai + Strat + Camper outfit

Sahara logoStrata logo

Sahara + Strata outfit
Camper logo

Metallic Blue Sandals
JustWhite logoStrata logo

JustWhite + Michele outfit outfit
Oska logoStrata logo

Oska + Etnika outfit

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